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Mila Apperlo

Abstract artist


Mila Apperlo's art is often characterized by its bold use of color, expressive brushwork, and a sense of energy and movement. Her creations encompass various mediums such as painting, mixed media, and glass art, allowing for an exploration of different textures, materials, and visual effects.

One of the notable aspects of Mila's art is its emphasis on abstract and non-representational forms. Through abstraction, Mila invites viewers to engage with the artwork on an emotional and interpretive level. Her compositions often evoke a sense of spontaneity and freedom, encouraging viewers to explore their own personal connections and reactions to the artwork.

With each new creation, Mila continues to push boundaries, experimenting with different techniques and styles, and captivating audiences with its expressive and captivating artworks. 

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Mila Apperlo has been showcased in various galleries and exhibitions, captivating art enthusiasts and collectors alike. Mila's dedication to her art and her ability to create visually striking and emotionally evocative work has earned her recognition and a growing following in the art world.

Her commitment to artistic exploration and the ability to connect with viewers through visual storytelling make Mila's art an exciting and inspiring presence in the contemporary art scene.


Inspired by textures, colors and sounds of the natural world 🦎


In the United States, since 1993, we have collaborated with leading architects, artists–designers, stained glass committees, and liturgical consultants to fabricate and install over 30.000 square feet of architectural glass. Our proven expertise has earned us the opportunity to create art glass for private and public projects across the USA, Europe, and Russia.