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Apperlo Art

Bonita Springs, Florida

Apperlo Art is a renowned mosaic and stained glass studio, recognized for its exceptional craftsmanship and artistic designs. Founded by master glass artists Mila Apperlo and Stevan Stanisic, the studio has gained recognition for its beautiful glass creations that adorn various architectural spaces.

Mila and Stevan, both European artists, have dedicated over 35 years to creating stunning stained glass and mosaic art projects in the USA and around the world. About a decade ago, they chose to establish their permanent residence in Southwest Florida.

Their studio, situated in Bonita Springs, serves as the hub for the fabrication of their projects.

The studio specializes in custom-made mosaics, stained glass windows, doors, skylights, and other architectural elements. Each piece is meticulously crafted, paying close attention to details, colors, and light transmission. Their work combines traditional techniques with innovative approaches, resulting in a unique and diverse range of styles to suit different preferences and settings.

Apperlo Art works closely with clients, architects, and designers to bring their visions to life, transforming spaces into vibrant and enchanting environments. Whether it's a grand cathedral, a contemporary building, or a private residence, Apperlo Art has left its mark on numerous projects around the world. The fusion of artistic talent, technical skill, and a deep appreciation for the transformative power of light is evident in every piece created by the artist team.

Five generations of stained glass tradition

Project List

The following list includes major public stained glass, mosaic, or abstract painting projects completed by Mila Apperlo and Stevan Stanisic

  1. Lee Lee Health Surfside - Cape Coral (75 sqft) - Mosaics

  2. Trinity by the Cove Episcopal Church - Port Royal - Naples, Florida (40 sqft) - Stained Glass + (53 sqft) Mosaics

  3. Lee Memorial Hospital - 2776 Cleveland Avenue, Fort Myers (180 sqft) - Mosaics

  4. Lee Health Healthcare Center - 3637 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Fort Myers - Mosaics

  5. St. Therese Catholic Church - North Fort Myers, Florida (120 sqft) - Stained Glass

  6. Ave Maria Catholic University - Ave Maria, Florida (15 sqft) - Mosaics

  7. Lee Health - University Highlands - Estero, Florida - Paintings

  8. Gulf Coast Medical Center - Fort Myers, Florida (15 sqft) - Mosaics

  9. Lee Health Hospital – Coconut Point, Estero - Florida (70 sqft) - Mosaics

  10. Cape Coral High School - Cape Coral, Florida (45 sqft) - Stained Glass

  11. Saint Agnes Catholic Church - Naples, Florida (40 sqft) - Stained Glass

  12. Lutheran Church of Redeemer, McLean, Virginia (140 sqft)

  13. First Baptist Church - Springfield, Maryland (22 sqft) (Restoration) - Stained Glass

  14. Jewish Synagogue - Subotica, Serbia (1270 sqft) - Stained Glass Restoration

  15. Saint Sava Serbian Orthodox Church - Houston, Texas (220 sqft) - Stained Glass

  16. Calvary Lutheran Church - Silver Spring, Maryland (75 sqft) (Restoration) - Stained Glass

  17. Private Residence - Moscow, Russia (640 sqft) - Mosaics

  18. Congregation Sherah Israel - Macon, Georgia (330 sqft) (Restoration) - Dalle De Verre (Slab Glas)

  19. Saint Joseph Catholic Church - Grand Junction, Colorado – (645 sqft) (Restoration) - Stained Glass

  20. Presbyterian Church - Forsyth, Georgia (86 sqft) - Stained Glass

  21. Queen of Heaven and Earth Catholic Church - Croatia (838 sqft) Mosaic

  22. Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School - Rockville, Maryland (43 sqft) - Stained Glass

  23. Archbishop Carroll High School - Washington, DC (32 sqft) - Stained Glass

  24. Holy Monastery of Saint Paraskevi - Washington, TX - Stained Glass

  25. Bridgeport Hospital - Yale University - Bridgeport, Connecticut (45 sqft) - Dalle De Verre (Slab Glas)

  26. Cathedral of Saint Mother Theresa - Prishtinë, Kosovo (1100 sqft) - Stained Glass

  27. Church of Epiphany - Herndon, Virginia (90 sqft) - Stained Glass

  28. Holy Comforter Church - Vienna, Virginia (180 sqft) - Stained Glass

  29. Our Lady Lourdes - Alexandria, Virginia (60 sqft) - Dalle De Verre (Slab Glas)

  30. Cathedral of Saint Teresa of Ávila - Subotica, Serbia (1100sqft)  - Stained Glass Restoration

  31. Our Lady of Perpetual Help - Ellicot City, Maryland (55 sqft) - Stained Glass

  32. Trinity Lutheran Church - Bethesda, Maryland (120 sqft) - Stained Glass

  33. Alpha Bank - Belgrade, Serbia (670 sqft) Stained Glass Restoration 

  34. Saint Mark Episcopal Church - Capitol Hill, Washington DC (40 sqft)

  35. Church of the Archangel Michael - Hamburg, Germany (350 sqft) - Stained Glass

  36. First Lutheran Church - Ellicot City, Maryland (430 sqft) - Stained Glass

  37. Saint Paul Episcopal Church - Greenville, North Carolina (290 sqft) - Stained Glass

  38. Emmanuel Lutheran Church - Vienna, Virginia (300 sqft) - Stained Glass

  39. Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament - Chevy Chase, Washington D.C. (70 sqft) - Stained Glass

  40. Church of Risen Christ - Denver, Colorado (215 sqft) - Stained Glass

  41. First United Methodist Church - Brighton, Michigan (172 sqft) - Dalle De Verre (Slab Glas)

  42. First Lutheran Church - Charleston, West Virginia (90 sqft) - Dalle De Verre (Slab Glas)

  43. Saint David Episcopal Church - Washington DC (53 sqft) - Stained Glass

  44. Bulleville Christian Church - Bulleville, Ohio (130 sqft) - Stained Glass

  45. Hotel Melia Sol - Umag, Croatia - Stained Glass

  46. Gauley Bridge Baptist Church - Gauley Bridge, West Virginia (107 sqft) - Stained Glass

  47. Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church - Pinch, West Virginia (330 sqft) - Stained Glass

  48. Maryetta Baptist Church - Logan, West Virginia (218 sqft) - Stained Glass

  49. O'Dell Funeral Home - Alamogordo, New Mexico (190 sqft) - Dalle De Verre (Slab Glas)

  50. Aldersgate United Methodist Church - Sissonville, West Virginia (410 sqft) - Stained Glass

  51. Saint Basil of Ostrog Orthodox Church - Belgrade, Serbia (970 sqft) - Stained Glass

  52. The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU) - Belgrade, Serbia (840 sqft) - Stained Glass

  53. Saint Joseph Church - Sharon, Pennsylvania (236 sqft) - Stained Glass

  54. Grace Catholic Church - Ponca City, Oklahoma (190 sqft) - Stained Glass

  55. Saint Joseph Catholic Church - Huntington, West Virginia (150 sqft) - Stained Glass

  56. St. Joseph on Carrollton Manor Catholic Church - Buckeystown, Maryland - (226 sqft) - Stained Glass

  57. Saint Paul Church - Damascus, Maryland (170 sqft) - Stained Glass

  58. Most Blessed Sacrament Church - Washington, DC (105 sqft) - Stained Glass

  59. Church of the Transfiguration - Jare, Bosnia and Hercegovina -  (140 sqft) Mosaic 

  60. Carnegie Mellon University - Pittsbourgh, Pennsylvania (96 sqft) - Stained Glass

  61. Prucellville Baptist Church - Prucellville, Virginia (280 sqft) - Stained Glass

  62. Westminster Presbyterian Church - Wilmington, Delaware (560 sqft) - Stained Glass

  63. Bridgewater Church of Brethern - Harrisonbourg, Virginia (645 sqft) - Dalle De Verre (Slab Glas)

  64. Heritage Fellowship Church - Reston, Virginia (355 sqft) - Stained Glass

  65. Saint Gregory the Great - Buffalo, New York (1660 sqft) - Dalle De Verre (Slab Glas)

  66. Saint John Vianney Catholic Church - Prince Frederick, Maryland (1400 sqft) - Stained Glass

  67. Good Shepherd Catholic Church - Alexandria, Virginia (1290 sqft) - Stained Glass, Dalle De Verre (Slab Glas)

  68. Immaculate Heart of Mary - Grand Junction, Colorado (1505 sqft) - Stained Glass

  69. Saint Frances Catholic School - San Francisco, California (970 sqft) - Stained Glass

  70. Saint Mary’s Hospital Chapel – Grand Junction, Colorado – (700 sqft) - Stained Glass

  71. Saint Peter's Anglican Church - Cypress, Texas (172 sqft) - Stained Glass

  72. University of the South - Sewanee, Tennessee (1935 sqft) - Stained Glass

  73. Hotel Gellert - Budapest, Hungary - Stained Glass


​Stained Glass Association of America (SGAA)

While Mr. Stanisic continues to stand out as exceptional in his chosen arts field, one of only a handful of nationally acclaimed and recognized designers and artists his age precludes a large volume of work. In an arts industry as small but far-reaching as stained glass and the liturgical arts, Stevan Stanisic has certainly made his mark early and powerfully. In a matter of several years he has achieved national recognition and awards that elude some stained glass artist for a lifetime.

Kathy Murdock (SGAA) - Kansas City, MI

Carnegie Mellon University

Our University has officially opened its doors to the campus community. It is a joy to see so many students, alumni and friends already using the building and enjoying all of its special features. The chapel is particularly appreciated since our campus has not had one in the past. And I must especially thank you for creating the stunning stained glass window housed in the chapel. It is truly the most special finishing touch to that area.


Carolyn A. Carter - Associate Vice President for Development  - Pittsburgh, PA

Saint Sava Serbian Orthodox Church

We thank you very much for a wonderful art work that you have provided to our Saint Sava Church. You made everything to our order and delivered on time. It was great to have you come and personally install our church stained glass windows. Great Job! God bless you!


Fr. Dejan Tiosavljevic - Houston, TX

A 21st century master: Fifth generation stained glass artist Stevan Stanisic at Center...

Naples Daily News May 9, 2016  - Fifth generation Master Stained Glass Artisan Stevan Stanisic's stained glass and mosaic work enliven and adorn public and private buildings across the globe.

Stanisic's family began creating works of art in glass in 1908 in Hungary as the Vitraux Art Studio, specializing in fabrication and restoration services for art glass and mosaics.

With over 100 years of family experience creating glass masterworks behind him, Stanisic remains just as passionate as his great grandparents about the art, and through classes in stained glass and mosaics at the Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs, he hopes to pass his treasure trove of knowledge and skill on to willing students.

'We are incredibly fortunate to have this master artist who also enjoys sharing his talent as a teacher, join our faculty at Centers for the Arts,' said Donna Delsini, adult education director for the Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs.

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