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Faceted Glass | St. Gregory The Great Church | Williamsville, NY

In the late 90's, St. Gregory the Great underwent a 4.6 million dollar renovation which added a new Ministry center, rectory and gathering room.

Dalle de Verre or Faceted Glass window designed by Jean Jacques Duval was fabricated by Rohlfs Stained Glass Studio in collaboration with Stevan Stanisic of Apperlo Art..

faceted stained glass
One of the largest Art Glass walls in the USA, consists of 90 individual panels - a total surface of approximately 700 sqft.

St. Gregory the Great is interesting and unique for many reasons. First and most striking is its general size. The church is huge and you will feel small when you walk in. There is a powerful feeling you get when you first walk in the church itself. The size of the parish family is also unique. Masses are very full and there is a great feeling of community. St. Gregory is also unique because of the variety of programs and opportunities that it offers. There is something for peoples of all ages and interests.

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