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Learn Abstract Painting with Acrylics

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

January 11 - February 01, 2023

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January 11 - February 01, 2023

Multi-week workshop / Center for Visual Arts

26100 Old 41 Road, Bonita Springs, FL (239) 495-8989

Class Title: Learn Abstract Painting with Acrylics

4 Wednesdays, 01/11/23 – 02/01/23 1:00 pm-4:00pm

Have you ever had an interest in abstract painting? Would you like to paint with more freedom or feeling? This inspiring class with instructor Mila Apperlo concentrates on composition, techniques, form, texture and color. Students will develop their own artistic vision, find inspiration in both nature and light and learn new techniques using acrylic paints. They will also learn that experimentation is vital to the creative process. Enjoying the act of painting is just as important as the outcome! Skill level: All.

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