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Stained Glass | Serbian Academy of Arts and Science - Belgrade, Serbia

Updated: Mar 31

The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU) building in Belgrade is a significant cultural and architectural landmark in Serbia. Designed by Serbian architect Dragiša Brašovan, construction began in 1923 and was completed in 1924. The building stands as a blend of Serbian architectural tradition and modernist influences.

One notable feature of the SANU building is its stunning stained glass windows, which adorn various parts of the structure. These windows are renowned for their artistic craftsmanship and intricate designs, adding a touch of elegance and cultural richness to the building's facade.

The stained glass windows often depict historical and cultural motifs, reflecting the academy's dedication to the advancement of science, arts, and culture in Serbia. They serve as both decorative elements and symbolic representations of the academy's mission to promote knowledge and creativity.

Over the years, the SANU building and its stained glass windows have become emblematic of Belgrade's cultural heritage, attracting visitors and scholars from around the world who are eager to admire its architectural beauty and artistic significance.

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