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Stained Glass | University of the South, All Saints Chapel - Sewanee, TN

Updated: May 10, 2020

Brenda Belfield designed eight triptych style stained glass windows depicting biblical scenes and history of Episcopal Church in America, while the fabrication and installation of stained glass windows were executed by Stanisic Art Glass Studio. Completion of the project took nine years, approximately one triptych per year. Stained glass windows were designed in the "old" English style, with intricate border patterns, dominant red and blue colors where every glass piece was hand painted and kiln fired.

The majority of the stained glass windows comes from Wippell studios in Exeter, England. ... years that contributed were Arthur Ethridge, Fredrick Cole, and Brenda Belfield.

The University of the South, popularly known as Sewanee, is consistently ranked among the top tier of national liberal arts universities. Founded by leaders of the Episcopal Church in 1857. The University is located on a 10,000-acre campus atop Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau between Chattanooga and Nashville.

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